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Birdlink Sanctuary, Inc. Is an established reputable 501(c)3 non-profit exotic bird organizations in the DFW area.

We specialize in the rehabilitation and socialization of surrendered, abandoned, neglected, abused, injured and handicapped companion parrots.

Our mission is to give secondhand parrots, a chance at a loving forever home. We are passionate and dedicated to the rescue, foster and adoption of surrendered or found parrots.

We work to secure qualified homes for parrots in need and set caregivers up for success in the care of their new parrot companion.

Frequently Asked Questions
What to think about before adopting?

We encourage adoptive parents to be committed to providing a Parrot a loving and healthy home for the duration of the parrot’s life.

How to Care for a Parrot?

Parrots are very social and it is important to spend time in the same space with you (and others) each day. Parrots love natural light and play and exercise. They enjoy jumping and hanging or flying indoors. They eat a variety of foods like seeds, pellets, grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Parrot typically eat multiple times during the day and can be a bit messy when they eat. Parrots are expressive and love to make sounds and talk.

Why Adopt?

Many Parrots suffer at the hands of others and have not received the care they deserve. A lot of times parrots are abandoned not because they are unhealthy but because special circumstances made it so they could no longer be cared for.  We work hard to prepare parrots for their next home, and will work with you to find a parrot that is the right fit for you.

Can I Help without Adopting?

If you are unable to adopt but are called to help our beautiful parrots the greatest thing you can do is to make a donation on our website. This helps us buy the food and and supplies we need to care for the parrots until we can find them loving homes. If you wish to donate your time please contact us or search for volunteer opportunities at your local bird rescue organization.


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