Non-Profit Exotic Bird Organization

Change a Parrot's Life

Help us fulfill our mission giving secondhand parrots, a chance at a loving forever home.


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What We Do

Rescuing Birds

Our mission is to give secondhand parrots, a chance at a loving forever home.

Bird Rehabilitation

We specialize in the rehabilitation of surrendered, abandoned, neglected, abused, and injured parrots.


We ensure that each person adopting can provide suitable housing and is morally and financially capable of care. 


Be believe in setting all of our adoptive parents up for success with the education they need.

$35 Saves a Life

We are self-funded, and survive on donations and volunteer efforts. We have constant needs to feed, house, and nurse birds and any contribution, now matter how small, counts and is  greatly appreciated.

Adopt Today

Many Parrots are suffering and a lot of parrots are abandoned and need loving healthy homes and committed parents.  We work hard to prepare parrots for their next home, and will work with you to find a parrot that is the right fit for you.

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